Is Counselling For Me?

There are many great benefits to be gained from counselling.

Some people seek counselling because they’re finding it hard to make a long awaited change. They may want to
become more assertive or break an addictive cycle.

Others struggle to make sense of a change that has already happened. The loss of a dream or a job,
the death of a partner, family member, friend or animal companion are examples of such changes.

Many people seek counsel as a form of  personal development while others only think about counselling when things feel like they’ve gotten out-of-hand.

Some of these reasons could include:

Struggling to cope with anxiety or depression

Grief and bereavement
Relationship problems or breakdowns
Fertility issues or parenting difficulties
Financial pressures
Social difficulties
Confidence issues or low self worth
Issues relating to identity or sexuality
The re-emerging of old traumas such as: physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

Sometimes the reasons are not clear.

You might be feeling down, anxious, stuck, confused, dissatisfied, disappointed or disheartened and can’t quite work out why.

You may not know if counselling is for you. You may just wish to test the waters.

As our client you can expect to meet with a well-qualified experienced and competent professional who demonstrates:
Genuineness, understanding, empathy and respect.

You will experience an honest encounter in which your concerns and aspirations are heard. You can expect to find a safe and nurturing environment in which to take a closer look at the context of your situation, gain new perspective and find creative solutions that best suit your needs.

You can also expect to be provided with opportunities to have any questions or concerns about the process sounded and answered.

The best way to find out if counseling is for you is to make the call and give it a try.

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