Our Approach

Seeking support outside of your usual circles is not always easy.
Your decision to do so is an act of courage and a sign of strength.

We get this.

This is why even though we’ve never met you, we know you are a capable person. Each of us is gifted with an inherent “tendency”  that points us towards growth and self-realisation.

The job of a counsellor is to help remove any obstacles standing in the way of this tendency.

We know that the quality of our relationship with you is central to any positive outcome. So we invest in creating a solid and trusting, relationship with you.

Many approaches are drawn upon at Equilibrium, all of which start with
hearing you out and making sure that what matters to you is understood.

Sometimes this is enough. Sometimes more is needed.

Whatever approach is used, you will be supported in accessing hidden potentials, advancing your goals and building bridges to effective and whole hearted living.

Some of the approaches practiced at Equilibrium include: