What To Expect


As our client you can expect to meet with a competent and experienced professional who views you as a capable human being, takes a non-judgmental stance and abides by the PACFA and ACA codes of ethics.


Individual counselling typically involves a conversational style interaction with the counsellor and the client sitting facing each other at a comfortable distance. You will experience an honest encounter in which you are heard and your strengths appreciated. The process is one of mutual exploration. Sometimes, when appropriate, the counsellor may offer to draw on breathing techniques or on experiential processes such as Focusing and Voice Dialogue.

Group Supervision for Counsellors

Group supervision offers supervisees the opportunity to increase competence and confidence through collaborative learning. It offers participants a well facilitated, explorative and mutually supportive setting in which to increase interpersonal competencies, self awareness and insight. Participants are provided a safe, confidential, space in order to shed light on complex issues, share common experiences and be exposed to a variety of cases, resources and interventions.

Our groups run for 2 hours on a monthly basis and are closed to new participants for set periods of time.

This is in order to allow for a deepening of work that requires a degree of safety and familiarity among members.

Click here to register your interest in participating in an upcoming group.



What you discuss with your counsellor remains between you and your counsellor. Unless you are consulted, all personal information collected during the provision of counselling is confidential. Only information that is considered necessary for the provision of quality counselling is collected. You have the right to gain access to personal information held by the practice at any time. Information is stored off-site.

Limits to Confidentiality

It is important that you are aware that there are also limits to confidentiality.

Trained counsellors are required to seek regular supervision.  This means that your counsellor meets regularly with another professional to discuss their client case-load. It is an industry standard designed to make sure you receive the highest quality care and that nothing important is being missed.

Information may also be disclosed without your consent if the counsellor:

  • Suspects on reasonable grounds that a child is at risk of physical or psychological harm.
  • Has reason to believe that you are at risk of seriously harming yourself or another person.
  • Has been required to do so by a court of law.


A counselling or psychotherapy hour is typically 50 minutes. Voice Dialogue facilitations at Equilibrium are typically 90 minutes.

Counselling can be short, medium or long term. Short-term counselling is typically between  6 and 20 sessions and  focused on a particular situation. Longer term counselling and psychotherapy goes deeper and can take a few months.   Some people value having extra support and continue their counselling relationship on an ongoing basis.


  • Counselling / Psychotherapy / Voice Dialogue – $160 p/h
  • Supervision (individual) – $200 p/h
  • Supervision (Group) – $95 per person per session. Groups are typically ‘closed’ [meaning the number of members are set for a specific time frame] and require a commitment to a set amount of supervision sessions [typically 5] paid up front. Please contact us to register your interest in joining our next supervision group.
  • Workshops – For information on workshops go to www.facebook.com/theacvd

Our fees are on a sliding scale – we keep a number of places available for lower income earners. Please note that these places are limited and waitlisted.

If you have any further questions that have not been answered, please do not hesitate to ask.